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Business Training Series

Please note, the Business Training Series will be held at a different location each month.

June 14

Teamwork in the Workplace: Tools to Keep the Peace
Presenter: Mike Henke, Business Training & Consulting, Mike Henke, Inc.
Amidst a shifting culture in society, there is also a shift in the workplace. From generational and personality differences, to varying work styles, it’s important to keep all your key players pulling the rope in the same direction.

At this special session of Business Training with national speaker Mike Henke, learn how to create a positive workplace environment and teamwork in all situations. We’ll talk about how to decrease stress and provide a culture that employees are looking for. You’ll walk away knowing how to identify and overcome challenges and leave with instant solutions.

July 10

Goodbye Employee Engagement... Hello Process Management
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. | $30 for Chamber Members | $40 for Non-Members | Radisson Hotel Fargo, 201 Fifth Street North
Presenter: Sara Stolt is the founder and chief task master of The Project Co.

A great culture is one of the key drivers of an organization’s success. But what if a great culture wasn’t about just creating high employee engagement, but also great business process management? Nationwide, organizations spend nearly $2 billion on efforts to increase employee engagement, yet only 13% of employees are highly engaged. A fraction of this is spent on great documentation, training and process improvement efforts. 

Join us for this session to learn how to enhance your organization’s culture with business process management as part of your employee engagement efforts. We will look at how to shift from donuts to documentation, recognition to reporting tools and pay increases to process improvement.

August 8

The Nuts and Bolts of Succession Planning
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. | $30 for Chamber Members | $40 for Non-Members | Delta by Marriott, 1635 42nd Street South, Fargo
Presenter: Bethany Berkeley, performance consultant, Dale Carnegie of North Dakota and Minnesota
The emerging post-boomer workforce is a topic on everyone’s minds. We’ve heard the numbers and knew it was coming – the Social Security Administration now estimates an average of 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring each day, half of which occupy leadership roles. The great generational shift in leadership is here, but are we ready? Succession planning is vital, yet it typically lands lower on the priority list, if it makes the cut at all.

Join us for this session to understand how to strategically navigate succession planning to ensure the values, culture and achievements of your organization will be sustained. You’ll hear how other companies are tackling the generational shift in manageable and innovative ways and walk away with practical tools and resources to ensure your organization’s post-boomer workforce is high performing and prepared to drive results.

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