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ND and MN Candidates attending the Cracker Barrel

The following candidates have responded with their intent to participate in The Chamber’s Cracker Barrel on October 18 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. All candidates for the following races were invited to participate. The attendance list will be updated as candidates continue to confirm attendance. Registration is free, but sign-up is required.


North Dakota U.S. Congressman:
Kelly Armstrong
Mac Schneider

District 11:
Tim Mathern

District 13:
Judy Lee
Carrie Leopold
Dianne Hyndman
Kim Koppelman
Austen Schauer

District 21:
Sierra Heitkamp
Madison Rodgers
Mary Schneider

District 27:
Thomas Beadle
Ruth Buffalo
Quinn Garrick
Kristin Roers

District 41:
Pamela Anderson
Al Carlson
Kyle Davison
Brandon Medenwald

District 45:
Ronald Sorvaag


District 4A:
Jordan Idso
Ben Lien

District 4B:
Paul Marquart
Jason Peterson

Moorhead Mayor:
Newzad Brifki
Brenda Elmer
Johnathan Judd

Ward 1
Riley Maanum

Ward 2:
Shelly Carlson
Drew Sandberg

Ward 3:
Karl Deilke
Troy Krabbenhoft
Deb White

Ward 4:
Marc Hedlund
Chuck Hendrickson

Clay county District 4:
Kevin Campbell
Mari Dailey

Check out our candidate Q&A blog post to see more of their responses to the question what their priority is if elected and what makes them qualified.

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