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AE2S: Keeping the Community Out of Hot Water

October 3rd, 2016 by Amanda Huggett

Next time you turn on the tap, think of AE2S. This engineering firm quite simply, keeps the water running.

More specifically, Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, or AE2S for short, focuses on providing water expertise for the greater good of the community. From drinking water to wastewater, the AE2S team is a solutions provider, doing master planning, capital improvement, study and reporting, surveying, mapping, site development and more.

Fargo WTP construction observation

This also includes specialized environmental engineering consulting to clients throughout the upper Midwest and Rocky Mountain region, as well as assistance with funding assistance, public information, marketing and information technology.

This busy group was first founded in 1991 in Grand Forks by Steve Burian and Charlie Vein. AE2S currently has 17 offices in six states and 44 employees in its Fargo and Moorhead offices.

Since then, there is no doubt the organization has been integral to our community in many ways. You can credit the AE2S team for the great quality of Fargo’s drinking water as well as the project that recently delivered Fargo water to West Fargo residents.

Their work has also helped protect our cities from recent floods. They’re extensively involved in the Fargo Water Treatment Plant improvements and expansion, the F-M Area Diversion, and the Red River Valley Water Supply projects.

Eric Dodds, PE, says this is one of the reasons the work is so rewarding. “All of these projects have a community aspect to them,” he said. “They touch the lives of everyone across the community. It’s unique, fun, challenging, and so important.”

construction site 2

One of AE2S’ hallmarks is “extreme client service,” meaning they intend to provide service so outstanding that their clients will think of them as an extension of their own staff. “If our clients are happy, if we’re responsive to their needs and exceed their expectations, it means we can provide more services,” Dodds said. “That culture is paramount here, and within our team, it means that we can lean on each other, collaborate and build trust.”

AE2S gives back to our community in many ways, from its leaders serving on steering committees and boards, to participation in fundraisers and community events. They participate in the Matthew’s Voice Project, which provides supplies to area high school students in need, pay the water bill for a couple months for struggling individuals, and sponsor STEM programs in the schools.

There are many faces at AE2S working behind the scenes, but folks like Daron Selvig, Heather Syverson, Tammy Jo Anderson Taft and Rocky Schneider are able to publicly represent the company by advocating for the issues and educating the community. Schneider has played an integral role in our own Public Affairs committee.

For the past several years, AE2S has been recognized by PSMJ with the Circle of Excellence Award, and by CE News as a “Best Firm to Work For” due to their outstanding benefit package and low employee turnover. AE2S’ projects also win Excellence Awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies on an annual basis.

AE2S wants you to know that they appreciate the business community’s support of the Diversion and understanding of the importance of good infrastructure.

In short, you can always count on AE2S to keep our community out of hot water … but you can also count on them to keep that hot water running and keep up with community growth.


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