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Member Profile: Hannaher’s

May 1st, 2017 by Amanda Huggett

Hannaher’s can bring design and function to any workplace. From innovative and collaborative work space design to a basic office chair and everything in between, this team prides themselves in engineering an environment where you and your team can do your best work.

hannaher's exterior

The Hannaher’s office in Fargo – just next to I-29 off of Main Avenue – also serves as a showroom, and it’s hard to not get excited about the possibilities just by stepping in the door. In fact, it’s a new building, built just for them. Since last September, they’ve been using the new space to show off product and design options—and everything you see in there is something they can offer your own organization.

While Hannaher’s is still a family-owned business, it’s definitely not your father’s office supply company anymore. Today, Paul Hannaher is at the helm, and the business has evolved throughout the years. It started as Ridley’s in 1939 with Paul’s father Tom joining the company in 1959. The Moorhead company changed its name to Hannaher’s in 1964. A few decades and a new building later, the next evolution came in 2011, when they acquired Gaffaney’s of Grand Forks. Since then, they’ve also opened another location in Detroit Lakes, now enabling them to serve further into Minnesota.

Now, Hannaher’s also has their own commercial flooring division and is placing a larger focus on technology, offering work tools like room scheduling devices. Of course, they also offer a wide range of items to enhance employee well-being and make space more efficient and flexible, including adjustable-height work stations, moveable wall systems and seating for a variety of work environments.

“One of the fun times meeting with a customer is when you see their ‘a ha’ moment,” Paul said. “When a business comes from having traditional cubicles and they see what a flexible work environment can do, you see their lights go off as things start to make sense. You can’t get those responses unless you’ve got talented people who know how to communicate that message. That’s the fun part of what we do.”

Steelcase is Hannaher’s primary manufacturing partner. Steelcase leads the way in innovative, research based furniture design, and is an industry leader in sustainability initiatives. This partnership allows their team access to Steelcase’s research and attention to industry trends and technology.

When working with Hannaher’s, you can rest assured that they put you top of mind. “I always stress that our customers are making a change in their office,” Paul said. “Our experienced team understands the stress that comes with change. We take pride in making our customers feel comfortable and confident in their new space.”

You can also count on their professionalism and knowledge. Paul says that they believe in investing in their team through ongoing training and development, as well as achieving levels of certification unmatched in the marketplace, providing the highest level of service, and knowledgeable partnerships for our customers.

Outside of the workplace, it’s also important for them to serve their community. Hannaher’s promotes a family-first atmosphere and encourages team members to be involved in service clubs and civic groups. They also give back by partnering with the local schools and universities, the United Way and Sanford Health Foundation.

Going forward, Paul says technology will be an integral part of the business, and they will continue to focus on giving employees resilient workplaces that provide a choice in how, when and where they work. “It’s really changing the way people work. This is all about retaining, hiring and attracting employees. Creating thoughtfully-curated workplaces will become destinations where people actually want to work.”


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